Thursday, June 17, 2010

Change of venue

Mollie and I decided to change the route of our walk this evening. We decided a trip to our cabin in Southfork would be a nice change.

We walked along the dirt road enjoying the green of leaves and grass, the golden low angle light slicing through the trees cutting our path in to light and shadow. White cotton flowing in the air, soon collects in the plants edging the path. The birds sing, and hummingbird buzz by. In the background the rush of water.

Our path takes us across a bridge, weathered to silver gray; wood interlocked; wooden treads for car travel under our feet. The river is filled with spring runoff that splashes over boulders, rushing towards Pineview dam.

Our cabin seems secluded even though it is nestled between other more grand cabins. The grand cabins are for weekend use.

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