Monday, February 23, 2015

Lunch in the company of an artist

Saturday,  My mother and I visited a friend, an artist -Terry C Johnson.  We went to lunch at Farmington Station at the Twigs restaurant.  I can recommend the roasted beet and pear salad.  My mother enjoyed the Ceasar with pecan salad.

We then shopped for a while.

After a little more conversation, I collected Terry's art for the art center's art auction.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Surrounded by Artists

I am always surrounded by artists.  Of course you are, you will say after I remind you that I work at an Art Center.  The month of February is always filled with artists.  It is the month that we collect work for our annual fundraising event- an Art auction.

It is almost as fun as Christmas to see the artist and the new works they bring in.  I enjoy my job and enjoy talking with these artists and I always am hopeful that we will sell their work.  The Art Center takes a commission on all works sold through the auction.

And of course, I work with artists.  The director was an award winning floral designer before he came to the center.  The curator of education is working on a master's degree in arts education.  The other day while teaching a printmaking class to teenagers, she created and printed a mermaid which she shared with me.  The newest employee is my niece.  She is a talented clay artist like her mother.  She gave us all small clay sculptures for Valentine's Day.

It is so fun to be always surrounded by artists, I recommend it.

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