Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quiet Time

Thanksgiving dinner with the family is finished.  I am pleasantly full without being overly so.  It is quiet, everyone has gone home or off to other thanksgiving commitments.  

I am curled up on the couch, enjoying the crackle and pop of the fire.  Fingers of yellow-orange flames curl around the blackening wood.  The burning wood has a pleasant spicy, woodsy scent.

Mollie is lying in the hall watching the water in the river flow by.

The sun has traveled up the mountainside leaving the bottom of the canyon where I am in half light.  It is a restful, quiet time.

Thanksgiving wishes

The scent of roasting turkey fills the house.  Mm, and then there is the anticipation of mom's dressing with apples and celery.

Mollie and I have returned from a crisp walk in the late autumn sunlight.  The ground is still covered in a layer of snow.  At the end of our walk we collected a log of split logs for an after dinner fire.

Other family members will be joining us soon, for food and conversation.  Here is wishing  you a day of warmth, good food, family and good conversation.  Happy Thanksgiving day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Enjoying Time together!

A shot of the family, enjoying time together!

The perfect paw print

I often sign letters with my name and a paw print.  Isn't Mollies paw print the perfect impression of love.  See how her pad creates the impression of a heart!

It is snowing

It is snowing, a perfect late afternoon to stay in to read.  I just finished the novel "A Guide to the Birds of East Africa" by Nicholas Drayson.  I need to go through my stack of books to pick a new one to read.  Any suggestions?  But first Mollie wants to get out for a walk.  I guess it is a perfect late afternoon, snowy day to bundle up for a canyon walk.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday brought snow.  It fell most of the day, frosting mountains and trees.  Today, brought sun, blue skies and sparkling snow.