Sunday, May 24, 2015


Another downpour today.  Rain water flooding the gutters and spraying up through sewer grates.  The spray of puddle water as car speed by.  We are set to make the record, it is the ninth wettest ( after Monday's rain it is now the eighth wetest) May on record for Utah.
With the rain, has come green.  The plants in my mothers garden are green with pink blooms on the bleeding hearts, lupines and cyclamen.  All colors of Iceland poppies add their lovely brightness to the garden, while small blue forget-me-not also add highlights of color.
Looking out my window, I am pleased to see a patch of blue sky amount the cumulus, white, fluffy clouds.  The gray clouds having moved on for a moment or two.  Maybe a break in the rain, rain,rain.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


We must have had a minor drizzle last night, the road showed signs of rain.  The early morning sun danced through the maple leaves, and lilac scented the breeze.  Mollie and I were out early, a quick walk before the day started.

Yesterday, we visited local nurseries.  Mom purchased more Iceland poppies for the garden, while I found some pea starts.  Peas although not abundant, do fine in the canyon.  And they are such a treat in June when they mature.

Many of the tulips are starting to fade.  They were  cheerful.  I love how their bloom seem to glow in the sunlight.  Their showy splash of color on a long straight green stem surrounded with large blades of leaves that seem to reach and then flop, curving back to the ground.

The sun is now in a dance with intermenent skies of clouds and blue.  The forecast is for rain.