Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day of the Dog

I was informed via the news and Internet that this is the day of the dog.  I proceeded to make sure that my Mollie dog received a treat to celebrate the day.

  I was surprised when Bruno with his artists masters came to visit me at work.  They had included him for the drive to bring an entry for an art competition the the Eccles Community Art Center was sponsoring.  He is a rescue dog, and always so happy to enjoy a good rub.
Miss Picassa, the art center cat was displeased that we allowed a dog in the house, but let him be retreating to the second floor.

I must check for Picassa to see when it is the day of the cat.    Although, I surmised that everyday is the day of the cat, especially for Picassa.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Signs of Autumn

Summer has been filled things to be done, completed and accomplished.  You only have so many days of sunshine, you must fill every minute.  Today, in between laundry loads, and hand watering, I looked down to see my first orange, autumn, maple leaf.  Soon, I notice another.  The first signs of autumn,  and it seem fitting as local children head back to school tomorrow.