Sunday, July 12, 2009

Simple Things

Looking back on yesterday, I realize the simple things gave me the most enjoyment.  

The simple bouquet of sweet pea blossoms that i picked on the walk with Mollie after we mowed the lawn at the cabin.  Today it brighten a spot of my desk.

Stopping to give a ride home to a friend, who was standing at a bus stop.  

Sitting with my niece near the river.  While she cooled her feet in the water, we enjoyed the activity around us and a conversation.  A small brown song sparrow belted out an impressive song.  Yellow canaries, waxwings, and dragonflies dart back & forth feeding on insects.  Fish jump creating concentric circles in the water while they feed.   Robins feed on the ripening berries on the dogwood bushes that line the river. A hummingbird and dragonfly are perched on branches in the same tree, observing, before the dart off on their next flight.  Just before we get up to finish our chores for the day, we watch the small brown song sparrow bathe in the shallows, jumping and splashing.

I hope that today you will take a moment to enjoy a simple thing.

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